Educator Resumes - Questions and Answers about our Writing Service

Resume Writing For Educators - Q & A
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How long does the resume writing process take?
   Standard turnaround time is just 2-3 business days but 1-2 day rush services are available as well.

ow much do resumes cost?
   Resume prices start at just $119.95. A few dollars are added for those clients whose resumes need to reflect more extensive experience. See our order form for a complete list of available services and their corresponding prices.

Can you write resumes for ANY position in the field of education?
   Absolutely! Historically, our clients have ranged from first year teachers to senior administrators and everything in between. Whether you're a 1st Grade Instructor, a School Principal, or a Board of Education Executive, we can help YOU to achieve your professional goals by creating an UNBEATABLE resume!

Can my new resume be designed to target one particular position in which I am presently interested?
   Definitely! While ordering our services via secure form, simply include a description of your desired position in the "objective" section. Our writers will work to create a resume designed with THAT specific position in mind and, at your option, will also draft a second, more universal version of your new resume to send out to other prospective employers as well.

What guarantees do you offer
   We are SO confident in our ability to create eye-catching resumes for educators that we GUARANTEE our clients will be called in for job interviews within 30 days of submitting their new resume or we'll revise our work at no additional charge! Remember: Writing unbeatable resumes for educators is our BUSINESS. Over the past decade, we’ve successfully assisted thousands of teaching professionals and maintained a virtually flawless record of satisfaction! E-mail us YOUR resume and we’ll promptly respond with a FREE critique and sample edit. We're SURE you'll hire us after previewing what we can do...FOR YOU!

What if I don't live in the United States?

   Each year, Educator-Resumes.Com assists hundreds of customers from nations around the world. Our resume writers are experienced in dealing with all dialects of English and all international resume formats.

Okay, I’m ready to order – what do I do now?
   Click the “Hire Us” button found on any page of our site.  Our user-friendly secure ordering system will then guide you through a brief interview process during which we'll obtain information needed to craft a DYNAMIC RESUME for YOU! Once you've placed your order, you'll receive: 1) an official confirmation, 2) your unique Order ID number, and 3) password protected access to our 24 hour online customer service center featuring one-on-one access to your assigned resume writer. It’s that simple! 


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